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$4k 4-Pack Tournament

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Win over $4,000 in Cash and Prizes!

The best things in life always come in groups of four – lucky Four-Leaf Clovers, The Beatles, 4 Seasons, and of course a Double Date!

Now the #4 is famous for a whole new reason, our exclusive $4,000 Four-Pack Tournament that has members stuffing their wallets every week.

You will surely dream with the number four dancing in your head as this lucky pattern gives you the chance to win over $4,000 in cash and prizes!

4-Pack Qualifying

Simply win a 4-Pack pattern game in any room and get ready to win!

The 4-Pack Tournament is played every Thursday in the High Roller (Dollar) Room and starts at 10pm EST with the 4-Pack pattern.

Win any 4 Pack game between Thursday of the previous week and Wednesday of the current week and qualify for the following Thursday playoff.  

4-Pack Playoff Details

The first 10 games each hold amazing prizes to any qualified player who bingo’s after the start of the playoffs.
See all the fantastic details below:

Game Prize
1st  $250.00 Bonus
2nd  $250.00 Bonus
3rd  $250.00 Bonus
4th  $250.00 Bonus
5th  $300.00 Cash
6th  $500.00 Cash
7th  $500.00 Cash
8th  $500.00 Cash
9th  $600.00 Cash
10th  $600.00 Cash

4 Pack Winners from July 24 to 30, 2013

1forlina 1greatgrandmaof3 aayla3 AnaSpringer
antoinetten_XOX bakeyaya barbie12 batsrm
beardude beckyhuber Bella1962 bentleysmom
Beth35 bettyrose bingobailey08 brama
BUMABE1 canaughton cannedpeas Carter3
cattlady Crazy4Bingo1959 creamtrout debs25
Delph Dman1 Dwildcat DYNGUS
ema1939 ericap52 Erickny FASHIONBUG007
fluffer1 fupfup GINNER gizzie28
goldie1018 GRAPE APE GRN_1ZS GysgtPop
harleychic1 HERSHE Hot4aWin Imaginepoe
inkyivie ioana88 irish19 jazzy
jessica1030 jssmith justimagine Kisses67
kokamo7 lambchop21848 lissamae_XOX liverbird
Lois*47 maggiemae_7 Marmar may43
MD13118 meandmolly mljones1318 mopsquese
mrsenatorcj MsBren Murphy249854 nan1950
nascar388 Neeko Nyahteb ognib40
oldnag otterjo PAJEWELL papab
Pickadilly Princess92749 queenma58 rambles
Rbetty72 RedEye1_XOX redhead1954 RicciChick
riptide444 Rondolph1 sambohamby SandyClaus1
scooterconnie screamin4red sdmommy83 SHELLY0210
Sherry_Doug shoreToWin slimplay1124 sosotoy_XOX
sunsets sweetikens sylvia2706 tess1949
Therese1970 truckgirl turtleneck Valsthebest1922
whoaminow1 willowchina007 win$$ windrotor
winneragain witchywomanxxx yankee53

Next Tournament:

Updated Board for all 4 Pack Tourney Qualifiers every Thursday. This board is only available on Thursdays for current weeks Tourney.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Promotion is exclusive for Active players only.
  • The qualified player list is updated every 48 hours.
  • 4-Pack tournament jackpots can only be won by a solo qualified player – prizes are not shared!
  • If a non-qualified players bingo on a 4-Pack jackpot game, the prize money will be moved to the next game.
  • If a qualified player shares a bingo game with a non-qualified player, then the jackpot will go to the solo qualified player.
  • If MULTIPLE qualified players bingo on a 4-Pack jackpot game, the prize money will be moved to the next game.
  • Playoff continues until all prize money is given out.
  • Each player may only win one prize per playoff! Once a qualified player wins a 4-Pack prize, they’re no longer qualified to win additional 4-Pack prizes during that tournament.
  • If a qualified player shares a win with another player who has won a previous 4 Pack prize during that tournament, it will be considered a solo win by the new winner.
  • The CM will announce the Playoff Winners in Chat as they win.
  • All prizes will be credited within 24 hours.
  • All 4 pack game cards will be $0.50 in all rooms starting on June 1st 2013.


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