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Winner of the $31,000 PJP on New Year’s Bash 2013

I am trying to think of where to begin with this. I am still in complete shock over this amazing win. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be the winner of $31,000. There are many reasons I love Bingopalace, this was just the icing on the cake!

My time on this site has been nothing less than fantastic. I have met some amazing people who I keep in touch with on a daily basis. We laugh, joke & even more so, the people are there to lend you an ear if you are having a down day. The CM’s make everyone so comfortable & although they are doing their job, they do it in a way that is enjoyable for all.

Okay, now back to my win. My bingo day started around 2pm when the free rooms opened. I won a few games here and there, 15 dollars etc. I was happy with that. I was even more thrilled when I began to win a few coverall games. I thought to myself, "100 dollars, woohoo, this is a good night." Little did I know what was in store for later on.

The night progressed, I was laughing and joking, not really paying a whole lot of attention to my cards. Finally I looked & saw the 31,000 dollar game was next. I scrolled that bar all the way over to max, I didn’t care that it was 5 dollars a card, lol.

I continued chatting with people in the room, not paying too much attention. I got down to 4 rather quickly. Usually when that happens, the rest take forever to come out. I went down to 3 shortly after, then 2 & then 1. By that time I was on the edge of my seat, trying not to get my hopes up. When I saw there were 2 Ns coming I was like, "Great I have 2 chances coming". That card turned red. I just stared for a few moments. I could not believe what I was seeing.

I jumped out of my chair, the rest of my family did the same. We began to scream, dance & cry. It was a feeling I never felt before. My adrenaline was through the roof. There was so much noise going on that the dog & cat began to freak out too, lol. I couldn’t even type in the room right away. I was in such awe, shock, whatever you would call it.

Like I said above, I am still in complete shock over this incredible win. I would like to thank Bingopalace once again for giving us the opportunity to play a game with such incredible prizes. I love the people there, the staff & all the fun this site brings. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!

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I have been enjoying Bingo Palace for over 5 years now. I mostly enjoy the casino games, particularly the Living Large slot game. It is a really FUN and EXCITING game, especially when those 2 wheels show up!!!

An AMAZING thing happened to me here over a week ago and I just have to share my excitement with my fellow players!

I’m spinning, spinning, spinning … and there are the 2 wheels! I do my regular ritual right before spinning for the bonus prize (I count to 5 very slowly with my eyes closed…5 represents my 5 grandchildren).

I opened my eyes as the wheel starts slowing down and I start shaking because, OMG, it’s looks like it’s going to happen!! The wheel stops on the RED 1000!!!! I CAN’T believe it!!! I have never seen that before in all the times I have played.

I don’t know what my prize will be but I DO know it’s going to be BIG because the spin was for the maximum bet. (I switch the bets up regularly). Well LUCKY ME!!!…I hit $15,000!!!

I screamed and yelled for my husband to come see! He also can’t believe it, and is equally as thrilled as I am!!

As I write this, I still can’t believe it!!! Seeing my balance that big just floors me!

We having been going back and forth about what we’ll do with the winnings THIS TIME!!! We decided tonight that since our 5 grandkids had a part in this, we are going to treat the 3 older ones (10-13 in age) and their parents to a weekend ski trip to Killington VT!!

And for our 2 year-old twins, my husband and I will take them to CoCo Keys Water Park and Resort in Fitchburg, MA. That will be just perfect for their age!!

I have been VERY LUCKY here at Bingo Palace in the casino games!! (I’m not very lucky at all with bingo). I have also hit $10,000 three different times on the Video Poker game, Deuces and Jokers (5 jokers).

I just wanted you all to know it REALLY happened AND IT CAN FOR YOU as well!!

Not only is Bingo Palace an OUTSTANDING Site, but every single person I come in contact with is simply AMAZING!! NEVER have I had a problem collecting my winnings, NEVER!!


All the best to everyone that works and plays here and may the New Year be all that you hope it to be!!!

I wish you all the very best of luck!

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Winner of the $31,000 PJP on New Year’s Bash

First, I would like to thank BigTimeBingo so very much for the best new year of my life. It’s so exciting and I’m still staring at my win of $31,000.00. Unbelievable!!!

This is what happened on December 31st: I started playing around 10:30 am – off and on. At 2pm, I entered the NY Bash room. I was so excited about playing that I warned my hubby that I was not cooking and he was on his own lol. This was the best promo this year as about 60-75 people won in the room.

I played every game and then around 11:45 pm the CM’s said to watch for the big game. There it was at 11:55 pm, so I first picked out 30 cards, but in a split-second decision I’m thinking this is THE GAME, so my little mouse maxed me out and got 60 cards.

As numbers were called, it was kind of “hmmmm cards not too bad,” lol. One number to go and I had my eyes closed and I heard O-72. I looked up and saw that RED card and waited and there it was – “Sascha winner $31,001.00”

I was screaming “I WON I WON I WON!!!”

My hubby was in the basement watching TV. He thought I had a heart attack, lol and came running up the stairs saying “what, what?” I said I won and don’t believe it. I told him to go look at the screen to see if it was real. It was and he said “HAPPY NEW YEAR” to me with hugs and kisses, then my heart rate went up to 200 I’m sure. My hands were shaking so bad I could not even hold my mouse, lol. It took me half an hour to calm down and for the next 2 hours I stared at the winning screen, not too much sleep that night, lol.

I never thought I would win, and can truly say to everyone “keep hoping and don’t give up!!” I love the game of bingo and thank you for this site. It is fun, the people are awesome, the CM’s have so much fun and the support team is totally awesome for putting up with us and being very helpful. I just love it. Oh, I’m officially the "roomie dog" – woof woof.

Thank you so very much for letting me share this great moment with everyone. I truly hope everyone has a chance to have it happen to them.

Thank you again.


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The room last night was a blast! i enjoyed the candy cane room and was happy to win the most exciting thing other than winning was the players and wizard is one of the best cms i think you have hes very pleasant person and makes the site fun…thank you to bingo palace for the fun and i look forward to playing the december promos thanks again bingo palace! SANTA2
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I got really excited to hit a coverall in 47 numbers!! on August the 11th. To my surprise, I was totally in shock when I got up to see I hit the JP in quarters room on Aug the 15th. There is a lot of new things going on for the better and there is a song that says green acres is the place to be, Bingo Palace is the place for me!!!!!! good luck to all, never give up.
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” I still am in shock I cant believe my big win $10,000 I am still reeling from that one.”
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“Your site is wonderful! The people there are all warm and friendly. You have the greatest CM’s in the world. Nice way to relax after a long day at the office. Keep up the good work”.
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ZANEY123 – $30,000 Winner!

“I just want to thank everyone at BingoPalace. I have been a member since 1999 and have not strayed far from home. I stay because there is no place like the palace. I count my blessings everyday and pray to the bingo god. He has finally answered my prayers.Thank you again and God Bless.”
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“I was so excited when I hit the jackpot but I didn’t realize it at first. I can’t remember the pattern I hit it on. I think it was the four corners but not sure. I paid some bills and the only future plans I have is playing more bingo at bingo palace! It was a relief that I was able to take care of a major unwanted and unneeded debt.have a great day!!”

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