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Palace Chat Games

While playing bingo, join our Chat Hosts (CH) in the Palace or High Roller Chat chat room between 7am and 3am EST and win some bingo bonuses (BBS)! Chat games add to the excitement and give you a chance to catch up with your friends. Prizes are awarded as bonus and are available to all active players.

We play a huge variety of chat games, so pop in and introduce yourself! Winners’ accounts will be credited within 24 hours after the end of the CH shift. Accumulated BBS can not exceed 100% of the last deposit. Winners must acknowledge the CH, failure to do so voids the BONUS.

Players must be in chat before the game begins in order to qualify. The CH on duty has the final authority on who qualifies. To make the chat experience fun for all, we insist chatters follow proper chat etiquette.

  Chat Games information:

Here´s a list of our Chat Games


Chat Lingo

We bingo lovers use language in an unique and mutually accepted way.  It can be a little confusing for people new to online bingo.  Please feel free to visit our Chat Lingo here and learn most of the commonly used bingo and chat lingo that we use in our chat rooms on a daily basis.

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Chat Bonus Rules

  • Only active bingo players without a pending withdrawal will be eligible to receive chat room prizes. Players with an approved withdrawal will be eligible to receive chat bbs 24 hours after the payout was processed.
  • Winner’s accounts will typically be credited within the following 24 hours of the game played.
  • Accumulated chat prizes cannot exceed 100% of the previous deposit. Once this limit is reached, another deposit is required to be eligible to win chat games.
  • Chat promotions are valid for active (*) players who acknowledge the CM when he or she wins, failure to do so voids the BONUS.
  • Players must be in chat before the game begins in order to qualify.
  • The CM on duty has the final authority on who qualifies and who doesn’t.

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Active Player Definition

  • Active Players have deposited within the last 5 days (not sustaining play on free money) and use the associated funds to purchase bingo cards or wager in slots or video poker.
  • Players who win chat room games or bonus promotions and have not deposited or were not playing at least 1 bingo card in the $1 room, 4 bingo cards in 25¢ room or 10 bingo cards in the 10¢ room, during the associated bingo game when the prize was won will not receive the associated bonus.
  • Players who receive chat room bonus erroneously will not be eligible to receive payouts based on the associated winnings.
  • All the rules mentioned above apply for all Chat Room and Social Media promotions (FaceBook/Twiter)

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Chat Host Schedule

CM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
CM Jo OFF 5pm-close 5pm-close 5pm-close 5pm-close 5pm-close 5pm-close
CM StarrShine 7am-1pm 7am-1pm 7am-1pm 7am-1pm OFF 7am-1pm 7am-1pm
CM StarrShine 5pm-10pm            
CM Nancy 1pm-5pm OFF OFF OFF 7am-1pm 1pm-7pm 1pm-7pm
CM April 5pm-close 1pm-7pm 1pm-7pm 1pm-7pm 1pm-7pm   7pm-3am
CM Kristy 10pm-3am 7pm-3am 7pm-3am 7pm-3am 7pm-3am OFF OFF
CM Mandy     8pm-10pm        
CM Kanga 4pm-6pm 4pm-6pm 4pm-6pm 4pm-6pm 4pm-6pm 7pm-3am OFF
High Roller Room QTRS WELCOME

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Bejeweled Saturdays 10pm-1am

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Aren’t they? However, our jeweler had a drink too many and messed up all the jewels. Can you get them together again? The field is set up with a matrix of 5 by 5 diamonds, 25 diamonds in total. There are 5 different kinds of jewels and we need to sort them! B = Sapphire I = Ruby N = Diamond G = Emerald O = Gold Topaz  

If you bingo SOLO, you can swap two jewels to create a line of at least 3 similar diamonds, simply by saying: SWAP with the symbol and the letter you wish to swap. You can only swap 2 jewels that are side by side, horizontally or vertically.

For example: SWAP Star D with Star E to get a three Diamond Line. Or SWAP Pizza D with Pizza E to get a three Diamond Line. Once you make a line, these jewels will be taken off the board and the jewels above them will move down to fill the empty spots and new jewels will appear from above. If another line is created by the new jewels this process will be repeated until no more lines appear. Your BB’s for each line will be added at the of the game. Payout: 3 jewels line: 2 BBs 4 jewels line: 3 BBs 5 jewels line 5 BBs
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Battleship Saturdays 9:00 am to 1 pm

ROOMIES….MAN YOUR BATTLE STATION!!! Remember playing the game Battleship when we were kids? – “You sunk my battleship!” Now Bingo Palace gives you the chance to play like kids again!! Join us every Saturday at 9.00 am EST to fight for your victory! —- Game Instructions: I have hidden 5 ships on the Bingo board. A ship can have 2 hits or up to 5 hits.

The ship can be hidden in any direction, even diagonally. When you bingo, you get to take a shot to try and hit one of the ships. For each hit you win $2 bbs and your 2 neighbors win a $1 Bonus. Keep trying to hit that ship until it sinks and get the full prize!! The player that sinks it wins the prize for that ship and also wins $2 bbs for the 2 neighbors. But be careful!

I have hidden 3 bombs in the board. If you hit a bomb, your ship will be damaged – while ‘repairing your ship’ you are not able to win bbs on the next game. For your convenience we have included a grid as a guide in order to help you: GRID 1 ( Image for print ) GRID 2 ( Excel Sheet)
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Bingo Blitz 7am-9am Mon-Fri

If you think Dilly is calling the numbers on last week’s card, then go ahead and create your own bingo card and Win Your bingo ticket contains 12 numbers between 1-75. Each number can only be used once. To participate in this special, simply give the chathost your 12 numbers and start playing right away! The first 10 calls of every game are the numbers called by you and are used to daub the numbers on your ticket. You can describe yourself as the best Caller if you are able to daub all numbers between 7 am – 9am from Monday through Friday.

Once you call all your numbers Type BINGOBLITZ in chat to claim a generous prize of 20 BBs!!! You have to buy at least four cards each game for every ticket turned during the previous Sunday or your bonus will forfeit. Example: You want to participate with two bingo tickets. You need to buy at least eight tickets each game, or your bonus will forfeit.

*You can change your numbers every week or keep the same ones. ** Maximum winners per day 5. *** BBs doesn’t apply for max out requirement
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WHAMMIE: Monday – Friday, 4-6pm EST, Saturday – Sunday, 3-5pm EST

Each time you win bingo you will find points. But be careful not to find the whammy… Bingo on the following colors and get: Blue = win the number of points that you bingo on, Red = steal someone points, White = whammie everyone’s points moves on list. Even # moves up – odd # moves down, Green = win double the number of points you bingo on, Yellow = win triple the number of points you bingo on.

The top 3 players with the most points win the following prizes: 1st 50 BBS, 2nd 25 BBS, 3rd 15 BBS The points not claimed and from the winners not present in the chat room will go to CM Kanga. Every whammies counts! Bingo on whammie don’t get you on list, unless you’re already on list.

**Players make their own score sheet to keep track each game** ** Always start your list with CM Kanga at top of list with 0 points ** ** Total scores and names on list would not be posted in chat ** ** You must answer for points or steals after CM Kanga ask for them and before the next game starts! ***
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NASCAR Race: Saturday 9am – 1pm

Pick your car color: blue, red, white, green or yellow. If you bingo on your car color, type your color in chat and win 2 BBS. The number you bingo on is the number of miles you get. At 1 pm, the player with the most miles wins the cup, 50 BBS.
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Monday Chat Special: 6pm-10pm EST

Bingo solo on any game Monday 6pm-10pm EST in the Palace chat room and win a $20 bonus! The chatter above and below the winner will receive a $5 bonus. You must type “I Love Bingopalace” and the CM must acknowledge your win in order to be valid. This promotion is valid in Blue Quarter Room chat only. You must be an active player to receive BBs and actively participating in Blue Quarter Room chat during your win. Only solo bingo wins will be eligible to win bonus.
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VIP HAPPY HOUR: Tuesdays & Sundays 6pm–7pm EST

Every Tuesday and Sunday it’s VIP Happy Hour! Join us in the HIGH ROLLERS Room from 6pm till 7pm EST. SOLO winners of each game get as many BBs as the number of players in chat! PLUS those BBs don’t count towards the maximum!

* *Players need to be in chat and active. There must be at least 5 players in the chatroom playing and the pot needs to be at least $5.
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BINGO BONANZA: Tuesdays 7pm – 10pm EST

It’s Starrshine’s “Bingo bonanza” time! The player with the most wins during this time frame (7pm till 10pm EST) will win 100BBs, and there will be a 50BBs for whoever comes second! (Ties will be split.) Also, SOLO winners of each game get BBs 10 and nabors BBs 5 each! Must be active in chat to be eligible.
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DEAL OR NO DEAL: Thursdays 1pm – 5pm EST

Compete for the highest points to win the chance to play Deal or no Deal! Where you can win up to $75 in cash or $250 BB’s! From 1pm to 5 pm EST win as many bingos as you can. With each bingo you win you earn points corresponding to the winning bingo number. At 5 pm the player with the most points, goes on to play deal or no deal. You will get the chance to pick 1 briefcase out of 26.
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FRIDAY FIESTA (Quarters Only): Fridays 9pm – Midnight

It’s Friday Night…so welcome to the Fiesta!!! We are smashing pinatas and collecting ourselves some candy. Pick yourself a number 1-75. That is your Pinata. When your number is called, yell “Pinata” and your number. The first person to call gets 5 pieces of candy, the second 4, the third 3 and so on until our CM has given away 15 pieces of candy. As a consolation for not getting any candy, the next 2 players to call get 3 BBs each. If you win bingo, call “Gimme my candy!” The number of pieces you get depends on the first digit of the winning ball. At the end of the fiesta, the 3 players with the most candy win BB prizes: 1st Place – 25 BBs 2nd Place – 15 BBs 3rd Place – 10 BBs
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BINGOPALACE RALLY: Saturdays 9pm – Midnight EST

Bingo while in chat and type “RALLY” before the next game starts to collect Rally Points. The number of Rally Points you get depends on the letter you bingo on. The CM will keep track of the points, and the player(s) who win the most Rally Points between 9 PM – midnight will win a bonus prize of $100 BBS! Prize will be split in the event of a tie. B – 3 Points 2 BBs for 2 Lower Buddies, I – 4 Points 2 BBs for 2 Upper Buddies, N – 5 Points 2 BBs for Upper and Lower Buddies, G – 1 Point 4 BBs for Upper and Lower Buddies, O – 2 Points 3 BBs for Upper and Lower Buddies.
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Make a minimum deposit of $75 (single transaction) or more at any time between Monday and Friday (deadline Friday 11:59pm EST) to earn a ticket and try your luck in the Mega Bucks Lottery! The more you deposit, the more tickets you’re entitled to! On Saturday at 1 am EST you can click here and find out how many lottery tickets you have earned for Sunday’s draw! You need to open a help desk ticket and let us know what numbers you want on your lottery tickets! You can do it after everytime you deposit or on Saturday when you’ve made all the deposits that count for the Lottery. Each lottery ticket has six numbers (from 1 to 75) on it. For example:

30 25 1 75 33 60

Sunday starting at 11 am EST the CM will keep track of the winning balls for the draw. Twenty (20) different numbers will be used for the draw. In case wining ball numbers repeat themselves roomies need to keep playing until twenty different numbers have come out. MATCH 6 numbers of your ticket and win 250 BBs MATCH 5 numbers of your ticket and win 100 BBs MATCH 4 numbers of your ticket and win 50 BBs MATCH 3 numbers of your ticket and win 25 BBs Be sure to type «I MATCHED XX numbers» for the CM to acknowledge your win when she asks for matches! Ties will split the associated prize amount. The minimum prize/person is 10 bbs.

Notes: You need to be in chat Sunday from 11 am to noon EST buying cards in order to participate in the lottery. Players NOT in chat will not be able to play in the Mega Bucks Lottery even if they reported their lottery tickets. Once the lottery ticket numbers are reported via a help desk ticket on Saturdays they cannot be changed. BingoPalace reserves the right to change the rules and / or the prize scheme to the advantage of the players during a special event or special promotions.
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CM will pick a target weight that roomies will be shooting for. Every roomie is given 150 Pounds to start. Depending on what letter the roomie gets a bingo on, she / he will either receive or lose weight. If a roomie gets a win on B, N or O, the ball number will add that many pounds to the roomie’s weight.

Getting a bingo on I or G will show how many pounds will be lost! Call “Weigh Me” for your pounds. Nabors will receive 2 BBs each. The top 3 players who come closest to the target weight will receive BB prizes: Target Weight 30 BBs Heaviest 25 BBs Lightest 10 BBs
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BIRTHDAY GAME: (quarters)

Give the CM your date of birth. When 2 of those numbers are called, type in “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY” and your numbers to win 2 BBs. If, at the end of the game, 2 of the CM’s Birthday numbers are out, the winners get 1 Bonus BB. If all 3 of them are out the winners get 2 Bonus BBs.
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NABORS: (quarters)

Game winner and both their nabors get 2 BBs each.
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ODD/EVEN: (quarters)

Bingo on an odd number, win 3 BBs. Bingo on an even number, win 2 BBs.
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PIN THE TAIL ON THE CMs: (quarters)

Grab your stick pins… Time to play! Each time a player gets a bingo, they select a number from 1-75, the object of the game is to pin a tail on one of our CM’s. Their tails can be anywhere on the called number board: across, down or even diagonally. If you “stick” one of the CMs you will receive 2 BBs. Pin her and you get the BBs for pining a tail on her! There will be 2 BBs for upper and lower buddy. Note: once a number is used it is retired. You may NOT help roomies with numbers! CM will change amount of BBs won for pinning each CM weekly.
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All numbers have BBS behind them, from 1 – 5 BBs. You win the number of cards behind the number you bingo on! When a number is won, it is crossed off the list.
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PALACE KENO: (quarters)

We’ve introduced this old standby with our own twist. Choose 3 of your favorite numbers between 1-75. Keno is Every Game, watch for your Keno numbers to be called. If your numbers are called in the first 20 numbers AND you are the first to declare KENO (we will NOT be watching your numbers) you win the following prize: 5 BBs.

The Chat Master will verify your numbers were called and will request support to credit your account with the prize. Only one Keno winner per bingo game, and a maximum of 2 Kenos per day per player. You must have cards in play (Support will check when crediting the prizes) and be in Chat to declare “Keno!” to win. Once logged in you can Enter Chat Keno Numbers.
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All player names come up on the BB tool alphabetically. I will award the winner and both of their nabors 2 BBs each as they are listed on the BB tool.
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BUDDY GAMES: (quarters)

On a Buddy game, the CM will announce Lower or Upper Buddy. Then, whoever the winner is in chat, the person above or below them will receive 2 BBs!
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CRYSTAL BALL (quarters)

Get out your crystal ball and try to predict what LETTER the 7th ball called in the game will be. If you predict correctly, you win 2 BBs! YOU KEEP THE SAME LETTER THE ENTIRE TIME THE GAME IS PLAYED.
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FIRST 10 (quarters)

Pick a number 0-9. CM keeps track of the digits in the first 10 balls called. Everyone who has the digit that was called most will receive 3 BBs each.In the event of a tie, winners from the tied numbers will receive 2 BBs each.
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GET TO KNOW ME (quarters)

The CM will start by asking a guessable question about herself. The first 4 players to guess correctly win 2 BBs each. 1 of the winners will ask a question about themselves during the next game. When you ask your question please do so in ALL CAPS. When you see a correct answer say “WTGGGGGGGGG (WINNERS NAME) THE ANSWER IS ______”. If you are asking a question where players have to guess a person’s name, please put the person’s sex and the first letter as clues.
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Pick a number 1-75. When your number comes out, you call “I’m Sharing” and list your number. You get 2 BBs and the players with numbers closest to either side of yours get 1 BB each.
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When two of your three Keno Numbers come out, type in ’22222′s’ to win 2 BBs!
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TWOS with a Twist:(quarters)

When 2 of your Keno numbers come out, call 2222222s and list your numbers for 3 BBs! CM cannot award BBs without your number. You must say Thank You to receive your BBs. Now for the Twist. You get to decide if you want to keep the 3 BBs you just earned or throw them into the Big Pot.

If you choose to do so, I will issue you a number, 1-75. The first person to throw theirs in gets #1, the second #2 and so on. After all 75 numbers have been issued, we wait for the next game with all 5 letters in the pattern. The first ball drawn wins all 225 BBs that have been thrown into the Big Pot.
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GLA RACE GAME: (quarters)

Pick a number 1-15, If your race number comes in first, you win 3 BBs! If your race number comes in 2nd, you win 2 BBs! Played on coveralls only.
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LUCKY NUMBER: (quarters)

Pick a number 1 – 75. When number is out, holler LN. First one to yell it out wins 5 BBs!
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SUM IT UP: (quarters)

The number you bingo on sums up your win! The CH will add the two numbers together and that is how many BBS you will win. For example: (bingo on I 26, and the CH will add the 2+6, and you will receive 8 BBs for that game.)
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POKER BINGO: (quarters)

Room winner will use the first 5 balls (colors) of the next game to make the best poker hand for BBs. Possible poker hands are: 1 Pair = 2 BBs (2 balls of the same color) 2 Pair = 3 BBs (2 balls of 1 color and 2 balls of another color) 3 of a kind = 4 BBs (3 balls the same color) Full house = 6 BBs (2 balls of one color, 3 balls of another color) small straight = 5 bbs ( b-i-n-g-o any order) 4 of a kind = 8 BBs (4 balls of the same color) 5 of a kind = 10 BBs (5 balls of the same color) B-i-n-g-o (in order) = 15 BBs (one ball of each color)
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Each day a different ball (1-75) will be selected. Bingo on any number containing either of the numbers in Hot Ball and get 3 BBs. Bingo on the Hot Ball and get 5 BBs plus then pick a buddy to also receive the same amount of 5 BBs. Please note: same buddy can only be picked once.
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HEN/ROOSTER GAME: (quarters)

The first solo roomie to win during the hour will be the hen (female roomie) or rooster (male roomie). Remember what ball you bingo ‘d on and each time it is called during the hour, call our HEN or ROOSTER and the ball number to win 1BB. If you leave the room before the end of the hour, you forfeit your Hen/Rooster Status.
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Pick a number 1-75. How early your number comes out determines how many BBs you get. Call 1 = 5 BBs Calls 2-5 = 4 BBs Calls 6-10 = 3 BBs Calls11-15 = 2 BBs Calls 16+ = 1 BB
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It’s time to test your knowledge. The CM will ask a question. The first 2 players with the correct answer win 2 BBs. Spelling does not count. Please wait for the 3-2-1 countdown before answering. All BB winners must sit out the next question. NEIGHBOR HUNT: When you get bingo, the winning ball determines which of your neighbors gets BBs.

The CM counts up the number of spaces indicated by the first digit of the winning ball. The CM counts down by the second digit of the winning ball. The BB winners get 2 BBs each. EX: winning ball N36 – 3 players up from the winner and 6 down get BBs. If the winner is out of chat, the count starts from the CM.
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Pick a number 0-9. If the winning ball contains your number you get 2 BBs. Call “THAT’S MY NUMBER” to claim your BBs. If you get Bingo on your own Nifty Number you get 1 extra BB.
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Pick a number 1-75. When your number comes out type “I GOT IT”. Now it’s decision time – do you wanna take 2 BBs OR do you wanna test your luck and see if your number comes out next game for 4 BBs? If you decide to give chase type in “I CAUGHT IT” to claim your BBs.
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Pick a number 1-75. CM Kristy will pick a number also. If your number comes out before Kristy’s, call “I BEAT KRISTY” and win 2 BBs. When your number comes out, if Kristy’s is out already, call “KRISTY BEAT ME” and win 1 BB. 2 winners per game.
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Pick a number under O. Be the first to call “OOOOOOOO YES” when your number comes out and win 2 BBs.
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Pick a number under G. Be the first to call “GGGGGGGG WHIZ” when your number comes out and win 2 BBs.
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Pick a number under B. When your number comes out, be the first to type in “BBBBB” and win 2 BBs.
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Pick a number under I. If you are one of the first 2 players that call “I WON” then you win 2 BBs.
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Pick a number 1-75. When your number and the number opposite come out, call “OPPOSITES ATTRACT” to claim 2 BBs. (ex: you picked 21 – you would need 21 and 12 to be out)
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Pick an even number. When your number comes out call “EVEN STEVENS” to claim 2 BBs. 2 winners per game.
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Pick an odd number. When your number comes out, be the first to yell “I’M AN ODD DUCK!” to claim 3 BBs.
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High Roller Room Chat Games

Pots must be over 5.00 for chat game to be in play! You must answer the CM in order to receive BBs.
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Win on an odd number, win 1 BB, win on an even number, win 2 BBs.
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Win on B-1 BB, I-2 BBs, N-3 BBs, G-2 BBs, O-1 BBs.
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Winner of game gets the amount of BBs under the number they win on from 1-5 BBs.
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Pick a number from 1-75, watch for your number to come out say “lucky” to win 2 BBs. One winner per game.
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On a Buddy game, the CM will announce Lower or Upper Buddy. Then, whoever the winner is in chat, the person above or below them will receive 2 BBs!
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