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Bingo Patterns

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Bingo game jackpots are either fixed or variable (prize is a portion of sales), may include a starting amount, and may participate in a progressive jackpot.

The payout ratio (wagers/prize) is a function of sales and varies throughout the day between > 100% and 60%. Progressive jackpots are seeded by the house and typically increased by 1.5 and 2.5% of sales on participating patterns. Progressive contributions are not included in the payout ratio.

There is no additional side bet required to participate in the bingo progressive jackpot. Bonus money can be used to buy bingo tickets. See the ‘help’ link on each game for specific details on pay tables and how to play.

BingoPalace® has over 100 different patterns in rotation! A pattern listing is provided below.


Blackout or Cover-All Jackpot Game

Cover-All Pattern


Games are run once every hour with a top prize of $2,500. Unlike other game patterns where the jackpot is based on the number of cards purchased, the Coverall game has a fixed payout that decreases after the 48th number is called.

1- 48


Static Patterns

The standard game type is a static pattern. These patterns cannot be rotated or shifted on the Bingo card and are won only when every cell that is highlighted in the game pattern image is marked on a single Bingo card.

Letter T Letter X Plus Symbol Letter H Four Corners
Solid Diamond Right Arrow Lucky 7 Pound Symbol Small Box
Kite Letter N Up Arrow Letter L Letter Z
Percent Sign Happy Face HI Solid Heart Cactus
Bench Explosion Sun Shopping Cart Slots
Top Hat Waterfall Turtle Bar Mini t
Airplane Small x Thumbtack Block Party Chevron
Coffee Mug Rabbit Ears Outside Box Dog Sword
Wave Fish Palm tree Fly Swatter Basket
Beanie Bow Tie Bullseye Butterfly Candlestick
Fireplace Hotdog Fox Highway Fire Hydrant
Ladder Martini Notre Dame Bugs Check Mark


Crazy Patterns

Games that allow the pattern to be rotated in 90 degree increments are designated as ‘Crazy’ games. A number of our static patterns also have a ‘Crazy’ variation. Unlike static patterns that do not allow the pattern to be shifted or rotated, Crazy games can can be rotated by 90º, 180º or 270º for a winning pattern match.

Crazy Mini t Crazy Chevron Crazy Block Party Crazy thumbtack Crazy Small x
Crazy Outside Bar Crazy Diag. Corners Crazy Letter T Crazy Kite Crazy Corner
Crazy Staircase Crazy Pyramid Crazy Snake


Transposable (Anywhere) Patterns

The classic Any Linegame is an example of a transposable pattern. This type of game is won when the specified pattern is marked anywhere on the Bingo card.

Anyline Any 2 Lines 4 Pack 6 pack 9 Pack
The Blob
TV Ad coverall jackpots prizes